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Open An Institutional Or High-Net Worth Cryptocurrency Account With Same-Day Account Verification & No Limit Trade Desk

Dedicated Account Managers are available via private trade channels, zoom calls or telephone at every step of the process.

The World's First

Crypto Exchange and NFT Project Partnership

The World's First

Crypto Exchange and NFT Project Partnership

Buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more

With our simple interface, buying crypto with Cryptospace is a lot like the online banking you're used to. Fund your account via bank transfer, select the crypto you want to buy, and your trade confirmation is available in minutes. Crypto is deposited into the wallet of your choice. 

Sell your crypto just as easily

When it comes time to cash out your crypto, the process is just as easy. Use the 'sell' tab in our simple interface to select the crypto you want to sell, confirm your trade, and USD is deposited into your Cryptospace account ready for withdrawal. 

Check your portfolio  

Visit the portfolio page to see the current values of all your cryptocurrency stored on your wallets that are connected to your Cryptospace account. 

The Cryptospace Experience

Create Your Account 

Once registered you'll have access to all exchange features and can begin trading crypto right away — along with special invitations to private customer-only events.

Connect Your Wallet

Connect and use your own wallets for the safest way to manage your crypto portfolio. Don't have a crypto wallet yet? We'll introduce you to our recommended wallet providers with tips to ensure your crypto remains safe in your own custody at all times.

Trade Crypto Safely

Fund your account via bank transfer or even cash deposit and buy or sell any amount of crypto, night or day. Our team is available to help all of our clients buy, store and sell cryptocurrency quickly and safely.


Register your Cryptospace account with free access to all services. Start buying crypto today. 


Learn more about buying, selling and securely storing your crypto with Cryptospace.  

OTC Desk

Over-the-Counter trades with unparalleled boutique-style services for individuals, companies, and institutions.