September 17


Winning Stories 9/17


Hello everyone. Day 2 of winners is here!

We’re ecstatic to show you this set of stories. We’ve been blown away by the quality of some of these, and we feel this might be one of the best winners’ class.

You might wonder who our last winner is. He’s a trusty gentleman. One of our inspirations to release the competition was to let stories like him known. A real story for a real man. We had reserved bear #1698 for him, that’s why you’re probably scratching your heads wondering who that bear is. Moving forward we’ll also be announcing more of these winners. We know HLGB has a cool story in store.

Without further ado, enjoy tonight’s stories!

Love, Scary Kid, K-Money, Puglord, SmolWhale

Howie Honeydipp by @brendanbald

INT. HAPPYLAND BANK HOWIE HONEYDIP, the most infamous cowboy in Happyland, barges through the front door. Howie blushes at the attention and tips his cowboy hat.

HOWIE: “I’m terribly sorry for the interruption, folks.”

Howie fires his gun into the air. Everyone hits the deck except the bank teller, BONNIE BUTTERCUP. Howie approaches…

HOWIE: “Excuse me, ma’am. My names Howie Honeydip.” BONNIE: “I’ve heard of you.” HOWIE: “My reputation precedes me. Unfortunately, I’m gonna need to rob this here bank.”

He winks.

INT. BANK VAULT The vault’s empty except for a tiny stack of CASH.

HOWIE: “That’s it?” BONNIE “Haven’t you heard of cryptocurrency. No one uses banks anymore!”

Howie snatches the cash then tips his hat at Bonnie.

HOWIE: “Sorry about all this trouble miss.”

He tosses her a honey lollipop. She smiles.

BONNIE: “Your reputation really does precede you.”

She looks up. Howie’s gone.


Howie ducks into an alley. Three police cars zoom by. He rounds a corner and sees a loving family of Bears. Howie frowns, wishing he could have a family too.
He rubs the heart tattoo on his left arm. It has the word ”Mom” etched in the middle. A tear falls down his face. He thinks of Bonnie and smiles…

EXT. HAPPYLAND BANK Howie sees Bonnie leaving. He approaches…

HOWIE: “Howdy miss.” Bonnie turns. She takes the honey lollipop outta her mouth…

BONNIE: “Ah Mr. Honeydip. The Happyland Rangers have been looking all over for you.” HOWIE: “What’d you tell them?” BONNIE: “Not a thing.”

She winks.

HOWIE: “I was wondering if maybe…uh…you wanted to…maybe…you know if your free…” BONNIE: “Yes.”

LOVE MONTAGE – VARIOUS A) A hatless Howie and Bonnie giggle as they eat honey-topped ice cream. B) Howie makes Bonnie Dinner – honey BBQ. C) The two hold hands as they walk down the sidewalk, sucking on honey lollipops. A Ranger drives by and notices Howie.

INT. HOWIE’S BEDROOM – NIGHT Howie and Bonnie, fast asleep. Police sirens jar them awake.

RANGER (O.S.): “Howie Honeydip! Come out with your paws up!”

Bonnie wraps her paws around Howie’s face.

BONNIE: You need to get out of here. Now!

Howie escapes through a back tunnel. He’s almost in the clear when… CRUNCH Howie screams. He’s stepped on a a bear trap.

RANGER 1: “He’s in the back!” RANGER 2: “Get him!”

The Rangers tackle Howie.

RANGER 1: “We finally captured the great Howie Honeydip!” RANGER 2: “Cuff him!”

Ranger 1 reaches for his cuffs when… SMACK. SMACK. Howie looks up and sees Bonnie. She’s wearing his cowboy hat. Both ranger’s are knocked out cold. She shrugs…

BONNIE: “15 years of karate.”

Bonnie helps Howie up.

BONNIE: “You forgot this…”

She gives him his hat back. Howie tosses two lollipops at the fallen rangers. Bonnie rolls her eyes.

HOWIE: “Style is everything, Miss Buttercup.” BONNIE: “Howie Honeydip, the sweetest outlaw in all of Happyland. I’m one lucky bear.”

The two clasp hands and escape into the night… FADE OUT.

Ion, the Iron Heart FUD bear by @VRAlcazar

Ion woke up with a hangover. He spent his entire yesterday drinking, his way of commemorating the 4th death anniversary of his wife and daughter, from a head-on collision car accident. He went straight to his computer and prepared himself to FUD all the new NFT projects he sees on the #shill section of his favorite NFT project. He was notorious for creating FUD (Fear-Uncertainty-doubt) to NFT projects that doesn’t have a clear roadmap, let alone a well-done contract. He was called the Iron Heart for literally being one. He would study all the #roadmaps, and contracts of these projects, and starts to pounce on his latest victim in the #AMA channel. He giggles every time a developer can’t answer his questions straight up. His ultimate source of joy is when others start to doubt the project because of him. “Mission Accomplished” he would whisper to himself and starts to jump to the next project.

After 18 hours, and 3 successful FUD-ing of new projects, it was time for him to call it a day, and went to bed. “Since the universe took something, I love, then I am taking the things you love as well. I think that’s fair.” That is what he tells himself before he goes to sleep.

The next day, he woke up in the middle of the road, inside a car, he was seated in the passenger seat, he looked around, to his surprised, his wife is driving, and their daughter is seated comfortably on her car seat. He was trying to process what’s happening, “What is all this, another dream?” he asked himself. He was interrupted when his wife asks him, “are you ok? We are almost home.”

The voice of his wife removed all his doubt, they are alive, and the past 4 years were just a dream. Deep inside him, he was surprised but relieved. Finally, a chance to be a better husband and father.

“Thanks for driving us home, I might… LOOOK OUT!” his voice turned from a gentle tone to panic.

He’s not sure what hit them, but he saw himself upside down, and fire just outside the car’s engine, then some random faces started to pull him out of the car.

“Save my family, please! Not them again, please! Not this again!” he shouted.

It was too late for any attempt to rescue his family, the car is totally engulfed in the flame, and any chance of surviving inside is almost impossible. He struggles to accept what just happened, his body unable to stand it, he collapsed.

Ion woke up, asking himself what happened? But before he can even mourn again a voice called out,

“Daddy, wake up! Mommy said time for breakfast.”

Confused, was he dreaming again? He closed his eyes, and peek, his daughter still standing there.

He wasn’t dreaming this time, he hugged his daughter and whispered,

“No more Ion, the Iron Heart this time.”

South District by @Aquarius_1502

To escape the winter, a little bear named Bearlius fled south. However, he set out too late and so he froze and fell down a slope, deep into a snow-covered field. He was about to freeze to death, and as if that wasn’t bad enough A cow came by and put a fat pile of droppings right on top of him. The droppings were so warm, however, that the snow began to melt and Bearlius thawed. Overpowered by happiness, he began to sing. A pack of wolves heard Little Bearlius singing, came by and when Bearlius asked them to help, they dug him up and attacked him, bit off one ear and left him badly injured.

And the moral of the story:

Not everyone who rides you in the shit Is automatically your enemy and not everyone who gets you out of the shit Pulling out again is automatically your friend.

Welcome to the streets!

Moon Bear’s Bear Trap Tragedy by @TLMiller_Author

Once upon a time in a dark forest there was a bear named Moon. Moon Bear desperately needed some biscuit so he could get his candy reassignment operation done because although he was born a gummy, deep down inside he had always felt like he was a big soft marshmallow.

Despite working day and night at the minting factory he was unable to save enough biscuit for the operation. One day as he lamented his co-worker Working All Day Sucker came up to him and asked him “why such a sticky face?”

“I can’t earn enough biscuit for my candy reassignment operation.” Moon Bear explained. Working All Day Sucker stood in deep contemplation.

“I have the perfect solution.” Working All Day Sucker squealed. “You can earn more biscuit if you play the Sugar Market. My best mate just made bags of sugar off a tip from Elon Musk Candy. Elon Musk Candy tweeted Aniseed Cum Rocket, my mate ran out and bought it and it went to the moon.” Working All Day Sucker slapped Moon Bear on the back.

“I don’t know, it sounds a bit risky.” Replied Moon Bear. Wiping the tears off his sticky face.

“You gotta risk it for the biscuit dude.” Working All Day Sucker slapped Moon Bear on the back even harder. “Anyway champ. I’m off, catch you tomorrow.”

Moon Bear started the long depressing walk through the deep dark forest home. Knowing that in less than eight hours he would be back again working his little gummy butt off for a miserly few crumbs.

On his way home Moon Bear couldn’t help but look at twitter and while he was doom scrolling through the mountains of confusing information, he came across an interesting NFT called Jaw Breaker Balls.

What the hell, Moon Bear thought to himself and jumped on and minted himself one. Moon Bear jumped onto the Jaw Breaker Balls discord to find out many people had missed out on minting and were furious.

Moon Bear had no idea how lucky he had been. Everyone who had minted an NFT were getting so excited as they watched the floor price on OpenCandy go up and up and up. Everyone started shouting greedily “when lambo!”

The Dev’s let out a sigh of relief that their NFT was a booming success. Moon Bear couldn’t believe his eyes in less than 10 minutes his NFT had mooned so hard he now had enough money for his operation.

Just then a tweet notification from Elon Musk Candy popped up on his screen. “Marshmallow Cum Rocket.” This was a sign Moon Bear thought as he jumped on and bought himself some Marshmallow Cum Rocket.

Moon Bear was so busy making money he didn’t see the bear trap in front of him and stepped right into it, he screamed in pain as all his Jaw Breaker Ball gains were sucked try by his Marshmallow Cum Rocket losses.

He cried.

A Sour Note. From the eyes of Perry Pinkster by @Taylsw13

That human didn’t see it coming, and I guess, neither did I.

I had lost my glasses down aisle 4 of my local grocery store. It was hectic.

You see, I’ve been vision impaired since I was minted. I came out looking like a pretty penny. Pink, sleek, all the lady bears loved me, even Maggie that raging Grizzly down by Candy Lane. I was perfect, as my mother would call me, that was until my Uncle Lenny accidentally mixed a deadly cocktail of soda and pop rocks, 4 minutes after I was minted. I became a damaged bear. Since then, I’ve rocked these black specs like the handsome devil I am. Uncle Lenny couldn’t take the constant reminder of what he did to me. He picked up his gummy worm, Gary, and walked straight into a Haribo pack. R.I.P Sweet man!

Anyways, as I said, the human didn’t see it coming. I was moseying down by aisle 4 of my local grocery store, searching for my specs, the whole thing was a blur, literally, when something stickier than me, grabbed hold of me. His hands smelled like banana and peanut butter, a horrible combination. It gives me shivers just thinking about it. Yikes!

Anyways, I was searching amongst the skittles packs for my glasses, when I was first bitten. Those humans have pincers for teeth. The human wailed with laughter as he scraped off the top of my pink head. My sugary goodness was coming out of me like lava. At the time, I had no idea that I was as us gummy’s call it, consumed! To me, he just looked like a big blob of confusion. Then, he struck again, I mean come on, gummy a break! This little piranha then tore shreds off my ears, my first thought was that my homegirl Betsy would no longer want a slice of Pinkster anymore, as she loved flicking my ears with her syrupy gummy claws. I yearn for sweet Betsy. There goes my one shot at sugariage.

As the vision of Betsy’s horrified face flashed before my eyes, the little blighter dug his teeth into my chest. I have the scar to prove it. All those bench presses with Berny would now be for nothing. I became limp and my last thought was of my Uncle Lenny, and I resigned myself to the fact that I too would share the same Haribo fate, until I felt something near my right foot. It was smooth, big rimmed, and gummilicious. My slick black specs had returned to save the day. I could now see, properly, and the evil I was coming up against. So, with my brain literally pulsing and with the little energy I had left, I drew on what Gummy Chan had taught me in Candy Arts and I smacked that human right across the lips. As I said, he didn’t see it coming. You could say, that kid hit a sour patch of gummy bear that day.

Nacho Biden by @Cryptokattt

I am the president of Cheddar Valley and my name Is Nacho Biden.

Life is gouda here in Cheddar Valley. We are a cheesygoing den. We look out for our loved ones even if that does get us in trouble at times…

Like when my kidney was stolen from me while I was sleeping! I didn’t have an arch neme-swiss at the time so I couldn’t think of who would do such a thing to me. Luckily I had security cameras installed in my home in queso emergency so the perpetrator was caught on camera.

It was none other than Justin Brie-bear!

I’m a reasonable bear and just wanted to hear his side of the story so when I confronted him I said “lay your curds on the table. Why did you steal my kidney?” He said his sister, Paris Stilton, was ill and would’ve died without a new kidney. Then he told me, better to ask for forgiveness than parmesan. And Cheese Louise was he right! I couldn’t be mad at him, he was just looking after his family. I would’ve done the same thing.

And anyway I think I look mozzare-hella good with this neat scar on my belly, my wife is fondue it too. She says it makes me look mature.

So be kind and forgiving to your fellow bear, you never know what they’re going through.

I pray to Cheese-us everyday thanking him for this wonderful life I have here in Cheddar Valley. Even with the struggles I’ve gone through everyday just gets feta and feta.

Arian, The Iron Den Bear by @Bella81212362

Arian had a car accident when he was younger and that resulted him being disfigured for life. He was still optimistic about life and was happy that he survived the accident. While recouping for months he found his love for Music. Music alleviated his physical pain. However, when he started attending school, he became a scared and depressed bear. People were afraid of his external appearance and had ostracised him and hence he did not have any friends.

Music saved him. His school had a singing competition and his parents had encouraged him to join. Hence, Arian decided to give it a shot. While he was singing his classmates were clapping and cheering for him, he was confused but was absolutely surprised and happy that he had won 1st place. His classmates then started to break down barriers they had around him and started communicating with him. They were surprised his voice could touch the entire audience including themselves. The more they spoke to him they realised Arian was a bear with a sweet little soul and they had misjudged him. They were very apologetic for ostracising him and judging him just by his outer appearance.

Arian wondered why his appearance didn’t matter to others anymore and why they started loving him and started being friends with him. He then realised that music has no borders, colors, limits or ethnicity. Music has no judgement. It brings people together! It brought joy not only to him but to people around him as well. 8 years later, Arian became a famous singer. He wanted the world to hear his story; to allow people who were in his situation to be heard as well. He emphasised that we should get to know someone just like the way we get to know music. We get to know the heart of the music by listening to it. So get to know someone by listening to their heart and don’t judge a person just by their appearance. Judge less, accept more and allow others and yourself to be happy!

Smile Now, Cry Later

I was born in the southern state of Guerrero, Mexico. In one of the most dangerous areas of Acapulco, the Petaquillas hood. My life has been one of strife and heartache, and eventually joy and success. 

I went to the United States when I was 10 and crossed the border alongside my mother. I was hidden in the trunk of a white Kia. Without knowing any English, I began going to school while my parents worked. They had to languish hard to eke out a living. It’s not easy for “illegals” or immigrants. 

One day, my brother, who was in Acapulco, lost his life in a “car accident.” That is what people said, but he was murdered. We risked going back home to bury him. Saying goodbye for the last time was hard. It was one of the hardest things I ever did. The pain of losing a brother is incomparable.

When I went back to LA, things didn’t get easier. I met a friend named Sergio. We used to work out in the gym and spend a lot of time together. We became close. 

One night, we left the gym exhausted from training. A truck struck us from behind. Sergio was dragged many feet by the vehicle. He got pinned between the truck and a light post. I heard him screaming: “Help me! help me,” but I couldn’t do anything. He fought for his life for 10 days and then died. 

I managed to get into an LA high school. The neighborhood I lived in was controlled by a gang. I told myself, “why not join them? I’ll probably earn respect and protection.” In the least, I thought it would take my mind off the pain.I had to be initiated: three burly men beat me black and blue and bloody for 38 seconds.

I didn’t know the ins and outs of being in a gang. I was young and ignorant. Between the drugs, shootings, robberies, and beatings, it was a miracle I didn’t die. I felt like I was surrounded by enemies, both within and without. 

I started to earn money by rising up in the gang ranks. I had a glamorous lifestyle. I had lots of cash and nothing to hold me back. I met a girl and fell in love. Things went well for a while. I spent time between Mexico and the United States, illegally crossing the border as my family life and gang work dictated. It was rough, but I was earning my keep.

While at the peak of my gang experience, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had to endure a long and painful treatment, but thankfully she was strong enough to beat it. Even when I was doing runs for the gang, I was always there for her. I believe our shared strength helped her overcome the disease. 

All of these experiences led me to believe I would be alone or dead soon. Things were unbelievably hard, and I did not see a light at the end of a proverbial tunnel. I was managing the gang life and barely avoiding imprisonment or worse. 

But then I received life changing news: I was going to be a father. First, I had a son. Then, a  year later, I had a daughter. Things started stabilizing. I worked harder to help raise the children. We had a relatively comfortable life for a while…then everything reached a tipping point and imprisonment became a reality for me. 

My past had caught up with me…and so had the US Marshals and ICE. 

They put me in LA county jail where many of my enemies resided. Those guys were part of opposing gangs. I had to ally with some of the people that killed my friends. If I didn’t, I was dead. It was disheartening that I had to follow their lead. I clenched my teeth and bared through it. 

Prison is violence. It is humanity at its lowest, most perverse and despicable form. Race wars erupted often, sometimes between hundreds of people. They constantly shanked, punched, and choked each other. It was bedlam and mayhem, and I did everything I could to survive the pandamonium.

I had the option to cooperate with the gang bosses in jail. I became their protegé. It allowed me to avoid giving huilas (messages hidden in your ass), and it gave me a layer of protection. Being part of the bosses’ entourage also meant I could have fresh uniforms and  unlimited phone calls. I could even sleep more than the usual inmate. 

I eventually got my freedom back. The judge offered me two options: keep fighting or be deported. The answer was obvious. I went back to Mexico as a free person. 

While I was in jail, my father was also an inmate. We were released about the same time and met up in Tijuana.

He asked, “What do you want to do? Go back to LA?”

”Nah dad,” I said. “There is nothing left for me in the US.”

It was August 2013 when I returned to Mexico. Those 5 months in jail felt like years. It was the worst experience I’ve had to endure after my brother’s murder, Sergio’s death, and mother’s sickness.

I thank God for the good path I chose, though. I learned the value of loyalty, gratitude, and survival. 

Now, I am an entrepreneur and leader in the cryptocurrency industry. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. From taquero, to cab driver, to gangland soldier, to fintech manager.

I’ve done it all and lived many lives. I have a lot of experience and a beautiful family to show for it. I’ve learned a few things. To value the highs and learn from the lows. To respect people and not lie to those who put faith in me. To be the best possible man I can be. In the end, I have attained an unswerving appreciation and zest for life. I am in the captain’s seat cruising merrily into Happyland! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Onwards and upwards, my friends. 

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