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Company Overview

Cryptospace provides a cryptocurrency trading platform specialized for institutions and high net worth individuals who expect a more personalized white-glove service than typically available from cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Cryptospace is non-custodial, which means we do not hold private key access to our client’s cryptocurrency. Clients keep their crypto on their own secure wallets at all times. With personalized account management, rapid account approval, high-volume trading capacity, personal wallet connectivity, and high liquidity resulting in zero slippage, we aim to provide a ‘limitless’ trading experience. 

Dedicated Account Managers are available via private trade channels, zoom calls, or telephone at every step of the process to help with same-day account verifications, security best practices, and ease-of-trading via our new online portal. 

Originally founded in San Pedro, California as a Bitcoin OTC Desk and Crypto Community Lounge, Cryptospace’s original mission was to highlight the importance of the crypto community, particularly a physical one in which crypto enthusiasts congregate - in person - to talk, trade, hang out, and engage with a community of other fans. Founded rather hesitantly, the founders of Cryptospace had no idea how badly others wanted to gather under one roof and talk about what they love.

After working out a functioning OTC Desk, investment in dozens of Bitcoin ATMs soon became another successful venture for Cryptospace, highlighting the importance of accessibility as the key driving force behind the enterprise.

Now having experience with cash management, quick effective customer security verifications, and bitcoin trading, we had a solid backing of customers that wanted our quick, attentive services to aid some of their more sizable purchases. This led us to our next big step with the launch of our online trading portal. 

When we founded Cryptospace we saw a need in the cryptosphere for a reliable, secure, and consistent high-end boutique trading experience that just didn’t exist as we envisioned it. Traditional exchanges set various limitations on their users, and not just on high-volume traders and institutions, but on passive investors as well.

Traditional exchanges can also very quickly become a security risk for large accounts. Not to mention trade limitations, account lockouts, bans, delays, and other unfortunate risks that come with having a large account on a traditional exchange, a solution was long overdue. 

The Cryptospace platform was built by high-volume traders, for high-volume traders. We see the problems that come with storing and trading large amounts of crypto on traditional exchanges because we’ve experienced those problems ourselves. Account locks, temporary bans, volume limits due to a lack of liquidity, even total account loss, which is always devastating, no matter what dollar amount the account was.  

Founded as another option for high-volume traders and institutions, Cryptospace is  non-custodial, fully compliant, suitable for high-volume transactions, same-day account verifications, and limitless trades with boutique-style account management to assist clients every step of the way. 

Because of our relationships with liquidity providers, institutions, international banks, and miners, we’re able to source liquidity with ease - providing users with the ability to buy large amounts of bitcoin instantly, with zero slippage. We’ll even help you connect your private wallet to the Cryptospace exchange, solving ever-present security fears that come with using custodial exchanges. 

It’s time to take back control of our wallets, and our crypto, with Cryptospace.