The Cryptospace Partners are individuals and institutions of all kinds that participate in today's mega-trend of cryptocurrency adoption.

Our Partners

HappyLand Gummy Bears

The world's first crypto exchange and NFT project partnership starts with HappyLand Gummy Bears and us. We are focused in making partnerships that connect with our values and help make the crypto world more human. HappyLand Gummy Bears is the first community that will receive real-world benefits for holding NFTs.

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Below are a few examples of the types of partnership we can provide. Contact our team to explore options today.  

Bullion Dealers

Provide your customers with an easy-option to buy cryptocurrency.

We can extend credit lines to your bullion dealership so customers' cryptocurrency orders are filled instantly at locked-in prices. Settle accounts via wire transfer.

Add significant additional revenue by adding crypto to your metals offering.

Crypto-to-Crypto Exchanges

Cryptospace is not a day trading platform. We are an on-ramp and off-ramp with select coins, and on-chain transactions.

Our partner program can allow your crypto-to-crypto trading exchange to provide on-ramp and off-ramp options to your customers via white-labeled solutions.

Escrow Solutions

If you have clients wanting to spend large amounts of crypto funds (property, luxury goods, etc), we can help verify if the funds are clean using blockchain back-tracing analysis so that you can accept the business without risk.

Referral Introductions

If your reputation and network aligns with Cryptospace values of honest education and a mission towards financial empowerment, we can customize a revenue share program to suit your situation.  

Liquidity Pool

If you hold significant amounts of popular cryptocurrencies, we may be able to accept a portion of your holdings into our liquidity pool program, yielding a high revenue share to you, based on the transaction volume that moves through the Cryptospace trading desk.

Financial Managers

If you operate financial management services (advisory, family office management, private funds, venture capital, angel investment, crowdfunding, etc). we can help support the crypto management side of your business with client risk assessments, crypto education, escrow services, Bitcoin OTC, and more.