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This is our story...

Cryptospace is a hypermodern, noncustodial, people-centric cryptocurrency exchange. The company began in San Pedro, California as a Bitcoin OTC Desk and Crypto Community Lounge. Nowadays, we are a completely online cryptocurrency exchange. Always providing stellar support to all of our users.

Our commitment is to provide secure crypto transactions where each customer maintains full custody of their cryptocurrency at all times. That is why any cryptocurrency our clients purchase goes directly to their wallet of choice. We also lock in cryptocurrency prices to give the client the option they want, when they want.

In comparison to other cryptocurrency exchanges who take months to onboard institutional clients, we get them on-boarded in the same day, with all paperwork in hand and ready to operate.

We take pride in our white-glove, personalized service to empower our clients and treat them with the respect they deserve.

Why Clients Trust Cryptospace

Our non-custodial approach enables our clients to have a level of control that no standard exchange can offer you. We never hold your crypto in our wallets.

Thanks to our stellar customer service, your trades are conducted with a 'helpful human' at every step of the way. Also, we always have a line of communication open for our customers. We don't hide behind a support ticket.

Our high net-worth clients love our no-limit policy. Want to send six figures over the weekend? We got you, ALWAYS.

Transparency. Security. Reliability. As simple as that.

How Cryptospace Processes Transactions

We have deep relationships with banking institutions that support our business, giving peace of mind for transaction processing.

Our online exchange features allow fiat deposits to be made via wire transfer (USD).

Once we confirm deposit of funds, we add the funds to your Cryptospace account balance.

Our OTC transactions are INSTANTLY deposited to your own wallet address.

You can also sell cryptocurrency to us at market rates.

What Sets Cryptospace Apart From Other Exchanges

Cryptospace exchange is aimed at high net-worth individuals and institutions looking to get into the crypto game while keeping both hands on the wheel. Standard exchanges keep a hold of your currency on their wallets and changes in policy (which aren't uncommon) can kick you out of your account ─ and funds ─ at a moment's notice. We don't do that.

We like our clients to have full control of their transaction, from start to finish. Your time is money, literally...

That's also why we treat our clients like humans. Your run-of-the-mill exchange will hide behind support tickets, outdated FAQs and "knowledge bases" to avoid giving you a straight answer. The crypto world is already impersonal, let's not make transactions impersonal as well.

Why Transact With Cryptospace

There are 3 things that set us apart from others:

What's Non-Custodial

Standard exchange platforms require you to move the funds for trade to their hot wallets, which leave that money only usable for exchange there. Add that to the fact that your transactions are not recorded until you move the money to your own private wallet, daily trade limits and flimsy security and you have a formula for disaster.

This is why we're non-custodial.

By giving you full control of your money at every step of the way, we're looking to give you a decentralized, human, and successful experience. We're all about security here, and we think the most effective place to store your crypto is with yourself. That's why we like to tell our clients "not your key, not your crypto".

Can Cryptospace Cater To My Needs?

To us, white glove service is at the top of our concerns. Just like every client is different, we mean to be different than standard exchanges who hide behind support tickets and lock you out of your money with no real reason. Our personalized attention is something the crypto community needs, specially when you're starting out and you don't even know what a blockchain is. We give our clients the tools to make the best exchange possible, and become your allies in the crypto world along the road.

Why Don't You Have Transaction Limits?

Whilst most exchanges are fine with holding your money and keeping it all under their wing, once the opportunity comes for you to make a big-money move, they'll give you 100's of ifs and buts, wasting your time or just outright giving you a transaction limit you just can't budge on. We've been there. We know how annoying it can be to not be able to make the move you see best fit for your portfolio, just because of a transaction limit, that's why we tore the limit apart for you, to help you reach the moon faster.

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