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Dipping Our Gummy Bear Toe Into The Hottest Digital Asset Class

After months of consideration and research into the NFT market we invested $175k of our capital in HappyLand Gummy Bears — a remarkable series of new NFTs. Just 9600 of these bears were created, and with some pretty impressive tech too.

HappyLand Gummy Bears were created to form a sense of community within all HLGB holders. When you buy a gummy bear, you're also getting into one of 20 dens: closed communities where people interact and support each other.

To traditional finance or crypto investors, this may seem like a walk on the wild side. As did Bitcoin (magic Internet money) back in 2009. We're always looking for opportunity to support our clients with options to diversify across leading digital asset classes. BTC, ETH, key altcoins, and now NFTs.

Dipping Our Gummy Bear Toe Into The Hottest Digital Asset Class

Just as the valuation of art is subjective, NFT values are somewhat subjective as well. It's a growing market with a lot (and we mean A LOT) of use cases.

The tweet on the left is just one of many examples of people making huge profit with NFTs. Who doesn't want to turn $144 into $25k in less than two weeks, with legit proof?

Proof of ownership can be taken to other industries too. Today, the blockchain is just verifying that you own a JPG, but what if it could verify ownership of:

  • Medical prescriptions
  • Physical art
  • Signatures
  • Houses
  • Cars
  • Companies

All publicly available to see, but not to alter. That's the beauty of NFTs and blockchain.

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How Much For A NFT?

This is just a flex collection page of our NFTs. If you want your own, go to HLGB's Opensea.
Just like art, our bears are to be seen, not touched.

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What's an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens are a way to represent the ownership of an item on the digital (or physical) world. These tokens have only one owner, and that ownership is validated on a blockchain (the most common one being Ethereum).

Historically, the management of digital rights and digital ownership was difficult. You can make a unique work of art in your PC, but anyone may copy/paste it and claim it as theirs, if they find the file online. Attempted solutions include the use of watermarks in photos and videos.

NFTs come to bring a different way of giving ownership to people, and rewarding creators — based on blockchain tech.

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