You missed out!



You missed out!

Write a story for a bear, and win a $12k Rainbow Bear NFT.

All of them need a story!

Want a chance to win?

Read the rules:

Do you want to participate?

See the rules below:

  • Stories within 150-500 words long.
  • Give the bear a name, and a title if you want. i.e. 'Bubble Bear, the gambling degenerate.'
  • Make the story funny, but grim at the same time. We encourage you to write based on something that you went/are going through. Give it a hopeful ending too! Think of it as giving it closure.
  • One story per bear, but you can write for as many bears as you want.
  • A group of judges from HappyLand Gummy Bears and Cryptospace will select 88 winners (1 per every bear), and select the 8 best stories that will then go to a final community vote.
  • The story that gets the most votes in the final will be the champion and earn the bear!

Let's Talk About Prizes!

  • Winner of a story: a storybook NFT with the stories of all 88 bears
  • Champion (based on most votes): a storybook NFT + a rainbow bear valued at 3 ETH (12k USD)

What Does Your Story Need?


Start with a name, and if you want, a title! Example: 'Bubble Bear, the gambling degenerate'


Explain its grievance. What is the bear going through? In what trouble is it in? Make it a dramedy (drama+comedy)


How did it get out of the trouble? Is it even out at all?

Need Inspiration? Read these stories

Bubble Bear, the gambling degenerate

Bubble Bear, or BB, how their friends call him, has been living with the demon of gambling.

He hangs around the darkest places where bears usually gather to play high stakes Poker.

A few nights ago, he was having a lucky streak. Pot commited, as every gambler.

On one round, he has a Straight Flush. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. He's confident on his hand and goes all in. Turns out the bear in front of him had a Royal Flush. 10, J, Q, K, A. That's it. Lost everything.

But he wants to keep playing, so he asks for one of the loan bears to lend him some coins. That would come to be the worst decision of his life.

Next 3 rounds? Worst hands ever.

Now he owes a ton of money to the loan bears, and he's looking for someone to bail him out.

Valentina, The Aqua Den Bear

Valentina only knew the Aquan Gulf.

She had loving parents. Although that overprotective love sometimes derived from fear and uncertainty about the outside world. Specifically other dens.

Valentina’s parents thought they knew where she should always stay; outside the gulf was far too dangerous for their little cub. But still, the little Aqua Bear thought about HappyLand.

She often pondered, “Is it really that dangerous?”

Her parents would tell her of ferocious other gummies, like the hardened Obsidian Bears or the blood-thirsty Amethyst Den. Still, she wanted to know herself.

She couldn’t stop thinking about it, until one day she left.

Then weeks later, she was back.

Valentina experienced life, saw beautiful scenery, understood new culture, made incredible friends. She even came back with scars across her chest from fighting another bear in a disagreement.

In the end, Little Valentina may have gotten a Chancla to the head as punishment but she had the last laugh as she stuck her tongue out on her parents’ philosophy on what the world was.

Robin Bear, out of place

Living a tumultuous childhood. Robin Bear had to overcome their parents' divorce. She went on a journey of soul seeking to find love.

'You won't know what you like until you try it' said her BFF once. She wanted to find out what the big fuzz about relationships were, and found her BFF coming-out story impactful.

'Maybe I like girl bears too?', she asked herself.

Robin texted the only girl she thought could feel the same, but the response was negative. She said:

'I LOVE dudes. Sorry'.

Eventually, and after some painful learning like those, she found that you don't need to be with someone to be happy. Self-love was what was after the rainbow road. She's now on her way to HappyLand with the cutest girl bear.


Danny McShaw Bear

Meet Danny McShaw Bear, he comes from a long line of iron workers. His great great grandfather Alvord McShaw Bear was a pioneer of ironworking having lost his job with the local carpenter when his business was destroyed in a huge fire that swept through the town, destroying everything he owned. Alvord wasn’t sure what to do next until an odd gentleman from a gold mine nearby mentioned to him that there was some people near them building a bridge there that could support the loads of material coming from the mines and it wasn’t wooden. Alvord went straight to where the bridge was being built and well the rest is history. Since then Danny’s entire family has been working in the iron industry!

Tips to write a story

Let it flow! The important part is that you write a story that's both grim, and funny.

Don't be afraid to share a personal story that's not funny. Try to make it as realistic as possible (all according to community guidelines). We want all writers to feel connected to a bear, and use the story to give some sort of closure to something you experienced in the past, or to give you strength to bear what you're going through.

If you're stuck with what you want to write or are struggling to meet the 500 word limit, ask the community! We're all here to support each other.