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What Value Do They Have?

Just as the valuation of art is subjective, NFT values are somewhat subjective as well. It's a growing market with a lot (and we mean A LOT) of use cases.

The tweet on the left is just one of many examples of people making huge profit with NFTs. Who doesn't want to turn $144 into $25k in less than two weeks, with legit proof?

Proof of ownership can be taken to other industries too. Today, the blockchain is just verifying that you own a JPG, but what if it could verify ownership of:

All publicly available to see, but not to alter. That's the beauty of NFTs and blockchain.

I'm Convinced

How Much For A NFT?

This is just a flex collection page of our NFTs. If you want your own, go to HLGB's Opensea.
Just like art, our bears are to be seen, not touched.

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What's an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens are a way to represent the ownership of an item on the digital (or physical) world. These tokens have only one owner, and that ownership is validated on a blockchain (the most common one being Ethereum).

Historically, the management of digital rights and digital ownership was difficult. You can make a unique work of art in your PC, but anyone may copy/paste it and claim it as theirs, if they find the file online. Attempted solutions include the use of watermarks in photos and videos.

NFTs come to bring a different way of giving ownership to people, and rewarding creators — based on blockchain tech.

Check our NFT

Gummy Bear Collection

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