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There's an NFT project for everyone and target a specific audience. The creators of uwucrew, ClubAi and Fatales know this all too well.

Each of these 3 projects put women in the center of it all — They rule the world, anyways.

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What Value Do They Have?

Currently, a portion of each sale goes to mental health charities. This way, you can finance organizations that help ease the burden of lockdowns, while you get an asset that could potentially appreciate in price.

Also, you are getting into a supportive and open community of people who have been through the lockdown. The market opportunity is massive on this part (mainly because we've all been through a lockdown).

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How Much For A Lockdown Lemming?

You can buy your own Lockdown Lemming at Opensea.Their floor price is currently low and their Roadmap is fully available on their Discord server.

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What's an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens are a way to represent the ownership of an item on the digital (or physical) world. These tokens have only one owner, and that ownership is validated on a blockchain (the most common one being Ethereum).

Historically, the management of digital rights and digital ownership was difficult. You can make a unique work of art in your PC, but anyone may copy/paste it and claim it as theirs, if they find the file online. Attempted solutions include the use of watermarks in photos and videos.

NFTs come to bring a different way of giving ownership to people, and rewarding creators — based on blockchain tech.

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Lockdown Lemmings Collection

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