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Holy Cows Collection

HolyCows is a collection of 5,000 procedurally generated cows with different attires. With the minting price starting at 0.055 ETH (roughly $187 as of the time of writing), these NFTs have since reached a floor price of 0.08 ETH, or $272. They look sleek, modern, and feel enjoyable to own.

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What Value Do They Have?

Owning a HolyCows introduces you to their membership program that provides perks. Picture it as being part of a unique club where you get first-hand access to future partnership mints and collaborative incentives beyond just HolyCows... or even NFTs!

Also, holding your cow entitles you to a Holy Pass, aka, access to one of the most exclusive information around NFT drops. If you're committed to the NFT game, a HolyCow is probably a must-have.

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How Much For A Holy Cow?

Minting for HolyCows is over, but you can still snatch one in Opensea. Also, get a feel of their community by joining their Discord server.

We absolutely recommend that you read the roadmap as well and see if you feel like their goals are feasible and you can back them.

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What's an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens are a way to represent the ownership of an item on the digital (or physical) world. These tokens have only one owner, and that ownership is validated on a blockchain (the most common one being Ethereum).

Historically, the management of digital rights and digital ownership was difficult. You can make a unique work of art in your PC, but anyone may copy/paste it and claim it as theirs, if they find the file online. Attempted solutions include the use of watermarks in photos and videos.

NFTs come to bring a different way of giving ownership to people, and rewarding creators — based on blockchain tech.

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Holy Cows Collection

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