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There's an NFT project for everyone and target a specific audience. The creators of uwucrew, ClubAi and Fatales know this all too well.

Each of these 3 projects put women in the center of it all — They rule the world, anyways.

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What Value Do They Have?

uwucrew is inspired by anime and pop culture to create a collection of 9,670 avatars that aim to bee inclusive and let their holders express themselves.

As you hold, you get more NFT airdrops and invitations to be part of community events from the dev team.

There's a Metaverse concept on the books — a tactic made to add more value to the initial NFT by making you eligible for new NFTs. One final thing to note is that the community is always looking to get more people, not just to up the floor price, but also turn it into a sustainable project.

uwucrew began minting for 0.06 ETH, and now sit at a comfy 0.14 ETH floor price — a 100%+ increase in value.

On the other hand, ClubAI is a new NFT project aimed at abstract art lovers. The collection is a series of 1,250 procedurally-generated 2D artwork with a 48-color palette.

Owning any version of ClubAI will give access to a free mint for a second, bigger collection of 7500 pieces made from 3D models. Also, you'll have access to an exclusive airdrop for a limited edition of ClubAi NFTs that sets apart from the standard ones — This is a great one to have for art lovers.

Ever heard of Femme Fatale? Then you'll love Fatales. This NFT collection comes from the unique vision of its artist "Lisb.eth", who made the traits for 10,000 procedurally-generated avatars.

Their cyberpunk-y look will leave you wanting for more and as you get into the project, and the story they're building on their roadmap, you'll end up wanting to get more than one NFT.

Holding Fatales will give you access to random airdrops of behind-the-scenes content. Also, you'll be part of the exclusive #holders Discord channel with community roles, activity rewards, and competitions between holders.

I'm Convinced

How Much For A Female?

Snatch an uwucrew, ClubAi or Fatales through their OpenSea profiles and connect with their communities through Discord.If you want to know what OpenSea is and how to buy an NFT, read How-to buy NFTs guide!

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What's an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens are a way to represent the ownership of an item on the digital (or physical) world. These tokens have only one owner, and that ownership is validated on a blockchain (the most common one being Ethereum).

Historically, the management of digital rights and digital ownership was difficult. You can make a unique work of art in your PC, but anyone may copy/paste it and claim it as theirs, if they find the file online. Attempted solutions include the use of watermarks in photos and videos.

NFTs come to bring a different way of giving ownership to people, and rewarding creators — based on blockchain tech.

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Female Collection

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