October 21


Bitcoin (the coin declared ‘dead’ 39 times this year) reaches all time highs — Tabloid style news vs. the reality


October 19 will go in history as the day Bitcoin crossed the $63k mark.

Put that in contrast to the 39 different news pieces that have served as an ‘obituary’ for the ‘imminent death’ of the world’s first crypto, and you have another case of failed FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt).

Educational site 99bitcoins.com offers a free view of Bitcoin Obituaries. Since its inception in 2010, BTC has been declared ‘dead’ a whopping 432 times — Reminds us of a certain someone.

It’s not the first time media has been trying to push a pessimist perspective on a paradigm-shifting advance, and it certainly won’t be the last.

This leads to a bigger question about how we consume media, and let ourselves be taken by the flashy, ‘clickbait’ articles.

The 19th and 20th century came with a lot of progress, and also criticism. Instagram user @pessimistarc is a master in finding and sharing ‘obituaries’ such as the ones with BTC.

For example, bicycles were blamed for Michigan’s youth insanity.

Or how can you forget the time someone wrote an article against the Teddy Bear.

Or how apparently, Jazz was the culprit of EVERYTHING back in 1924.

We can surely expect that in a few decades articles such as ‘Billionaire Investor Says Bitcoin Is Headed For $0, Which Is Very Far From The Moon’ by Gizmodo will be in a @pessimistarc post.

Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency alike, should not be taken lightly. Investing in crypto is not something to just ‘go to the moon’, but it’s far from a fad, or a Ponzi Scheme. It’s the future of finance — simple as that.

With that said, there might still be a chance for Institutional Investors and High Net Worth Individuals to get on the action. Go to cryptospace.com/access and sign up for an institutional account. Same-day activation, zero slippage and stellar customer support will be waiting for you!

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