Winning Stories 9/25


The last winners before tomorrow are here! Even though this batch is small, there’s still good stories to tell in tonight’s blog. Enjoy the ride!

Tomorrow’s huge final day batch will have 22 different stories! We’ll distribute these stories in different articles to make it an easier reading (3 articles of 8+8+6 stories sound better than one with 22)

The competition is almost over, but the moment for the community to shine with their votes is closer than ever.

Love, Scary Kid, K-Money, Puglord, Smolwhale.

BeaTrix, The Storymaker by @Paopanme

BeaTrix is a Gold Den Bear She has always lived in the Golden Cliff with only one interest: understand what the horizon hides, every day of her life she sat in front of the ocean admiring it and being afraid of it. She didn’t care about anything else. She was completely indifferent. A dear old friend of hers every day brought her a red apple and a flower trying to talk to her but without ever receiving a reply. One day when an amazing red sun had almost disappeared into the sea BeaTrix had a shock. She turned and noticed the apples and the flowers by now withered and understood that her friend hadn’t come anymore and she was taken by an enormous despair. She desperately runs into the forest and does not notice a sharp branch piercing her right eye. BeaTrix calms down and blindfolds her eye and is finally aware of herself: the important things are those closest to us even if we don’t notice it wrongly.

Heart of Gold by @basic_still1

Jayjay was not your typical bear, she was special, she was rare

for she was born with a heart so impaired

it was broken beyond repair

but she was tough

she always fought

tooth and nail she beat the odd

sand although her parents worried she’d grow up fragile

this baby bear grew up far more agile

than all the other bears in her denshe hunted

she provided

she foraged

and fairly divided this bear’s heart wasn’t made of broken flesh

it was made of gold

so strong, so unbreakable

but yet so loving

so durable

Jayjay loved her den

she loved her friends

she loved her family to no end

so when one day she met a lonesome bear

she cared for and trusted him, then and there

she gave and gave

and gave some more

her heart a completely open door

until one day lonesome bear

took something from her without consent

her eye was stolen

it was gone

it was torn out without a thought

lonesome bear snickered

revealing a side so wicked

he proudly boasted about what he’d just done

but he had no idea the battles Jayjay had overcome

her heart clenched in pain for barely a second

then the pain subsided

Afterall it was made of gold

strong and durable

unbreakable Jayjay wrapped her eye without a flinch

she charged at lonesome and within a pinch

his arms were gone

taken away

his shock completely uncontained

little Jayjay was content

he’ll never hurt another friend

that day she gifted new arms a bear who had none finally able to build and hunt

Jayjay was strongshe was a fighter

she was loving

she was a provider

Hallowed Peace, The Unlucky, Lucky by @BossPagma

Hallowed Peace Is a retired bear boxer in the underworld. He would do anything to pay his debts.

One day. While walking. He sees his friend heading to a dark place. He saw it entering through a door with two body guards standing. He followed and talk to it. His friend told him that if he wanted to make money come with him to see what kind of place it was. He found out that there was an underground activity done in that place. He saw many boxers would gather there to play boxing with fellow boxers to win money illegally. He told to his friend that he wanted to fight to make money and pay off its debts. They went to register for a match. He gave his all money he had to his friend to bet on him. He fought a strong and good boxer who respected by all boxers in dark world. He used everything he learned but he lost and used the money he had saved to pay off his debts.

A few days after of his fight. He returned and talked to his friend who was gambling there. He told to his friend that he wanted to fight again but he doesn’t have money. His friend told him that if he had property, he could bet it. He thought and remembered the house he had bought before he was handicapped in the field of boxing. They went to the register again for a match. He gave the title of the house to his friend to bet on him again. He found out that the boxer he fought in previous fight is the one who would fight him again. He is passionate and give everything he knows in boxing to win. And then, he lost again. He was sad and thought that his only house was gone. some distance away he saw the friend overjoyed. he got angry and he approached it to talk. he said “I’ve lost but why are you still happy?” he answered him and said “Because I’m not betting on you but on your opponent. because I know you’ll lose again [hahaha]”. His friend gave the title of the house and his prize. to his great delight he was able to kiss the friend. and eventually the house remained with him and the money he won of it he used to pay off his debts and the remaining money he would be used in business.

Patch The DJ by @Kitoyvelasquez

After years of high jacking ships sailing through the Caribbean, captain Patch thought it was finally time to hang up the bandana, stop messing with people and pursue his passion in mixing pop music. It wasn’t easy at first, because who the heck would hire an ex-pirate as a DJ? Patch bargained with the courts asking for a second chance in life, so they gave it to him.

He started off with nothing, not asking for payment and often bumming off his friends for survival. But because Patch had a dream, he eventually got noticed and was signed to Death Jam Records, One of the highest paying music labels in the world. Patch started pulling some bitches, getting into the bad side of business, often getting into trouble with the authorities and smashing paparazzi cameras, but that was the life, the rockstar life. Even though Patch will always have a knack for crime and mischief, music will always set the captain straight.

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