Winning Stories 9/26 ─ Part 2


Gnomeo by @the_menehune

Tired of being subdued to the ridicule of simply being a JPEG by the degenerates of twitter, today was the day that Gnomeo finally decided to leave his mark on the NFT community. Intriguing as Rose Gardens and the Metaverse may be, after making a personal roadmap Gnomeo was destined for his quest into the real-life universe. After a few undisclosed black-market serum injections, he was ready. With his first steps onto the keyboard, he danced joyfully around the keys to purchase another gummy with similar traits in hopes his owner would not notice his absence. After searching for some time trying to find someone who looked like him, Gnomeo came to the realization that even though some bears pretend to be rarer than others, they are all unique and just as rare as each other in their own ways, they are truly all one-of-a-kind. With his attention span dissipating despite his recent revelation, Gnomeo’s senses of both smell and touch were triggered for the first time in his short life by a cool breeze rushing in over the windowsill. Until now it was assumed this rectangular space was nothing more than another screen like Gnomeo had come from before. With his new senses tingling, and curious as ever, Gnomeo had some investigating to do. Upon going to the very edge of what looked like an endless downfall, he noticed someone that had a hat just like him standing by the front door. This is exactly what he was searching for, “real friends”, and not your typical JPEG type 2 definitional friends. Gnomeo walked down the side of the house after discovering he was in fact quite sticky on the feet, and over to his new friend. It turned out his new friend’s name was Gnomley, and he got his hat at a factory where real life garden gnomes are made. He explained to Gnomeo that although it’s sometimes lonely, he is the protector of the house, and that is why he is called a “guard’in gnome”. After Gnomely asks why he is not “guard’in” his home in Happyland, Gnomeo decided he must go back where he belongs. After what seemed to be a roll of enlightening revelations Gnomeo was suddenly grabbed from the floor by a 3-foot-tall giant. The giant proceeds to take Gnomeo back inside and upstairs to the room next door to his owners, then psychotically eating off his legs one by one. Thankfully the giant monster had little greasy hands and Gnomeo was able to jump out under the desk where he couldn’t be reached. Later that night, and after hours of inch-worming like his friendly Wummy Gurms taught him. Gnomeo made it back to his rightful place in Happyland and some say ever “rarer” now than when he started his quest. Gnomeo often looks down to Gnomley as they are both on “guard’in” duty as each protect their family. They also play Texas Hold’em on Friday nights with the rest of the neighborhood gnomes.


Hemp, the Sweet Brainiac Bear by @CarolinaPrendas

She is Hemp, a little bear from a crazy dysfunctional family, who, due to perspectives, upbringing and the rumblings of her steps in happyland, has been in search of acceptance, recognition, feeling fulfilled, with purpose, in her stay for this life, but mainly understanding and sustaining self-love, self-assurance, and following your passions; leaving very exposed, that she has not lived long for herself, but she has lived in her walk … Leading her to be a young pluri professional bear accomplished in veterinary and social sciences, in arts and letters … Because of these situations she has become a nerd out of the ordinary, highly introverted, with a knack for being very geeky, being quite enthusiastic in very particular fields, gathering data and memories of these subjects. She is obsessed with the newest, the coolest, the most fashionable on an intellectual level … And at this moment in her gummy life, she has taken relevant steps, she feels ready, willing to fully undertake, to take everything she has learned, loved and suffered. , in her walk, to live to the fullest and go about her business … Understanding that titles, knowledge, pigeonholes, not leaving the “safe or comfort zone”, among others, trying to please others, will never help you achieve and less fill your gummy existential void; that life, the versatility and diversity of change, is natural, because internal needs, maturity and the world in general, change, gummy bears are in constant derivation (again and again improving or adapting their version), and it is good; This little bear has learned to enjoy each stage, to apply that knowledge as a whole, like an extensive gummy garden, not to cling and let the cycles that go through in her walk, flow and close, and even in a mischievous way it can be said that you have enjoyed your charms of the juicy gray mass, taking advantage of sapiensexuality, and becoming a natural goalgetter. Oh SH * TO Look out world, she now knows her worth.


Liam by @LoreLordNFT

He’s the chillest bear in all of Happy Land. He has no enemies, no real problems, but he’s only missing one thing…he wants to find that special bear to settle down with, even if she is a little damaged.

Liam spends his days just kind of vibing with life. Starts his morning with a nice freshly packed bowl that he harvests from his garden, does a little yoga, some me time meditation, and strolls out for some munchies here and there. It’s a dope life and he just wants someone to share it with him.

He loved his garden and figured the perfect bear for him would be someone he could tend to, nurture, and grow with. He had an eye out for a special girl he heard about in the Golden Cliffs, a little Devil named Sophie. He heard she was brave, and he was really attracted to brave!


Captain James Bear Miller by @JaredEngstrom

The year is 2832 and the final interstellar mission for Captain James Bear Miller has ended. The U.S. Space Command is losing one of its finest starship commanders to retirement after a long 30 year career. Now all that Captain Miller can think about is his retirement ceremony that evening on his ship, the USS. Palms. This will no doubt be the final highlight of his military journey.

After cleaning himself up and watching the military’s top brass board his vessel, Miller begins to think back and remember the many difficult battles and men he lost along the way, including his Chief Officer and good friend, Ryan McCain, who was killed during the Dragun uprising last year. Though he has devoted his life to military service, he knows the time is right to leave and be with his family.

As the ceremony in the ship’s cargo bay comes to a close, Miller hears, “Let us celebrate and thank Captain Miller for his outstanding service to this country, and god damn we will miss you”. Captain Miller stands from the front row to a round of applause and begins to walk up to the stage. As he reaches the podium he takes a second to look and admire his wife who was sitting next to him. “Thank you everyone, I am honored to be here with so many of my greatest friends and colleag…” A loud explosion interrupts the speech followed by the collision alarms blaring “WARNING, WARNING, COLLISION ALERT, COLLISION ALERT”. The audience begins to scatter, trying to locate a safe area in the cargo bay.

Miller sprints to the bridge and yells “status report! What are we facing?” but to his surprise no one knows what’s going on. Nothing on radar, thermals, there appears to be nothing in the area. “WARNING, WARNING, COLLISION ALERT, COLLISION ALERT” continues to blear loudly, “then what the fuck is going on?” He says to himself.

A single chirp from the radar is heard and begins to repeat faster, he looks at the radar and sees a long-range vac torpedo incoming. Miller slams the incoming alarm to seal the emergency airlocks but it is too late. The explosion rocks the ship and Miller is thrown across the bridge. Badly wounded, he climbs to the control panel and he can only watch the monitors in horror as he witnesses his crew, attendees and family get sucked out into the vacuum of space.

“Incoming Message” the screen reads, he plays the video file. A fellow bear on screen reads aloud, “This is a declaration of war, we will no longer be victims of the illegal invasion…”, “wait..” says Miller “My god, Ryan?”. His thought-to-be dead friend is the one on screen. In disbelief, all Miller can think about is how are you alive?, why? Miller must now find Ryan and make him pay. He gingerly gets up, heads to the door and tells the bridge crew “retirement can wait, prepare for war”.


Co-cainé Bear by @VaporOpinion

Co-cainé Bear and his friends heard something called music and seen Humans dancing and wanted to understand what was so special. Not understanding that they are so small, humans generally don’t notice them as anything more than candy (part of why they randomly say Fuck Haribo), they went to investigate. Once they made it to a home, which coincidentally belonged to a very high-profile music artist, they climbed up on a ledge but were knocked back onto the ground from a gust of wind when they opened the window.

Out of nowhere it began to snow. Snow? In the summer? Co-cainé loved the taste of ice so he stuck his tongue out before being greeted with an extremely… different taste. “YUK, WTF kind of snow is this!?” he yelled! Waving his middle finger in disappointment while cussing up a storm, then suddenly.. his arms looked like extremely limp wet noodles that start talking back, but magically still being wavable. Everything in every direction began to swirl and wave, while he began feeling extremely light. He swore he was levitating and being held down by snakes which were really just his friends trying to snap him out of whatever he was going through.

Co-cainé snapped and started stabbing his friends up in which they began to look like various multi-colored candies. Being as hungry as he was all of a sudden, he believed he was a Gum-Dragon and ate his friends with extreme prejudice and aggression then passed out.

Co-cainé couldn’t remember what happened when he woke up days later, but he DID remember how great he felt! Ooh-Wee! Not remembering his purpose in life, he decided he’d stay forever to keep experiencing such euphoria so he broke the gnome decoration just underneath the window and buried it, then took it’s place so he could make sure he would be there anytime it ever snowed again!

What Co-cainé didn’t realize it but the snow absorbed into his gummy skin on the outmost layer, and seeps in on occasion so he doesn’t technically NEED for it to snow anytime soon giving his size ratio in comparison to what his body has absorbed. Every now and then when he gets overheated, his pores widen and a tony amount of the snow seeps in giving him his feeling all over again, while instantly calming him thus closing his pores so he unknowingly has an endless supply.

One can only imagine what would happen if other gummies found out about this? Would they get intimate with him in hopes that they too can experience such euphoria from it being passed to them? Or would they start eating on him slowly? Only time will tell… or won’t.


Billie The Blood Bear by @LoreLordNFT

Billie The Blood Bear with an “ie” was a really sweet bear. She kind of felt like she wasn’t really cut out for her environment. Stories of jelly blood and burial sacrifices made her kind of queasy. Some of the bears were extremely territorial even with the space they cohabited with each other. She didn’t want to be a fierce hunter. She wanted to spread love, joy and kindness.

She wanted to travel, to see other dens, meet other bears, and gain new experiences. She felt like she was quickly falling into the standard box of what everyone thought she should be. She imagined what life was like in over dens, what new cultures there were, and what could be gained from their knowledge.

So every night she sat at the top of the trees and stared into the distance, dreaming of being in another place. The Blood Woods would always be her home, but she was ready to move on.


Magdalena, The bandit, the thousand loves by @CarolinaPrendas

She is a funny, mischievous and quite modern little bear, who lives her sexuality with freedom; for her, love and sex are independent; Eroticism is not necessarily conditioned by love, so it can constitute an end in itself, this makes her skin tell the stories that it has pleased, since having a partner is not a priority objective, nor is it her highest aspiration in life, moved by the resistance that female bears should not occupy positions of social and sexual inferiority with respect to male bears, Magdalena allows herself to enjoy her passions. However, a very strong pain in her heart took her by surprise, she inadvertently was falling in love, she felt emptiness in her heart, and with the misfortune she had to weigh the price that this consequence of freedom harbors. Even with all her experiences, impetus and wounds in the soul and heart, this rubbery bandit has managed to balance her autonomy, freedom, and taking care of herself.


Ice Box, The Polar in the Hood by @BossPagma

Frosty Hailstrom, commonly known as “Ice Box”, is a known thug in his neighborhood. Born in a poor family who lived in the slums, Frosty grew up brawling with other gangsters in the hood, who tried to bully him because of his white complexion. (Which isn’t so common in their area).

In his early adolescence, he discovered a group of youngsters who fought and earned a living in Underground Fightclubs. This became a thing and Frosty applied to become an underground boxer to raise funds for his family and improve their status of living.

He then adapted the nicname “Ice Box” because he throws punches that send his opponents shivering down their spines, breaking them like brittle ice!

Now, Ice Box lives a luxurious life using all the money he has earned from underground boxing.

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