Winning Stories 9/26 ─ Part 1


Hi folks! The final day of winners is here. We loved everyone’s imagination and excitement towards the whole competition. When we pitched the comp, we wanted to join the community and give it a twist. Not just with a Follow+RT giveaway, but give you a way to express yourselves and get yourself out there.

If you’re not on the winners list, please, keep trying. Our Judges are on Discord open to any feedback you might want to have. Who knows, maybe your story will fall on a different book one day.

To all winners, congrats to everyone of you! It was a really close competition, and we’re going to have a hard time having to choose 8 stories that will go to the final. However, every winner had a special vibe to them that kept them submitting. That’s why we have so many multiple winners. We didn’t want to let people stop expressing themselves and tell a funny story, or a dramatic one (or what’s best, a mix of both).

This mega batch of stories will be released in three parts. It’s easier to read in batches of 8+8+6 stories than one megapost with 22 stories.

Without further ado, let’s get reading!

Love, Scary Kid, K-Money, Puglord, Smolwhale.


Jim’s Cow by @TEEUCSB

Jim was born on his grandfather’s farm in Ohio. As Jim’s parents passed away from an accident when he was a little boy, his grandfather took care of Jim. Together, they harvested enough vegetables and raised cattle to meet barely financial needs. Although Jim really loved the farm, he had his own dreams – to become a global Chef. When Jim was 16 years old, his grandfather gave him his very own calf and he named him Sunny.

Jim loved Sunny with his dearest heart. Sunny was extremely smart for a cow. Jim taught him how to fetch, how to play dead, and how to open his barn door so he can sneak out to get some fresh air at night. Together they built the wildest memories together in the farm.

When Jim turned 20, he was accepted into culinary art school and luckily had a full scholarship as their funds were tight. Due to obvious reasons he could not take Sunny with him to school. Jim would visit Sunny every weekend during his college period to feed him his favorite grape snacks and spent quality time with him.

For every students graduating from Jim’s culinary art school, there is a major event hosted by the world’s greatest chefs in his senior year. The winner of this contest gets to collaborate with Master Chef Yang on his new TV series, which is a global show. This year, the contest was to create the best Beef Soup. As soon as the contest cuisine was announced, all stores and super markets have sold out of beef around Jim’s town due to the high numbers of students participating.

For many days Jim was extremely worried about this contest. He would not go see Sunny or talk to his grandfather about this contest and was in the midst of giving up his dream and to just take over his grandfather’s farm.

1 day before the chef contest, there was a package delivered to Jim. Jim had not ordered any shipments so he was very curious what it was. There was a note inside the package:

Dear Jim,

It’s Sunny. You might be confused and surprised of how I am writing this letter to you when I’m just a cow. You should know by then that I am a very smart cow. I turned myself into a NFT through this new technology from this genius scientist named Gary Vee, where they turn animals into a non fungible token. I knew all along you needed me as an ingredient for this contest. With my meat being the softest and the most tender texture thanks to your love, you would surely win this contest. Plus I get to be with you (digitally) forever  Don’t be sad Jim, we had a good run and I loved being your cow and your friend. Please transfer me from your USB to add to your wallet. I hope you win!

Your best friend Sunny

10 years later, Jim is now more famous than Master Yang and owns over 5 Michelin Star Restaurants. His most popular restaurant is called “Life is Sunny”.


Amore the Amethyst Bear by @LoreLordNFT

Amore was blind, and those who didn’t know her, felt sorry for her. But her story was much more complex than just being blind. Her blindness wasn’t a disability, it was a superpower.

Amore was blinded by love. She could see feelings, she could feel sounds, and had the ability to . She could tell you the color of your aura and the ambitions behind your intentions, just by being in her presence. She had the ability to interact with the future and the past. None of this would be possible with normal sight.

The way she became blinded was just as intriguing as the superpowers she inherited. See, Amor had a deep love for everything. Starting at a very young age, the things she loved became more pronounced. Auras became stronger, feelings became louder, the things she loved became brighter, until one day all she could see was light.

There was no need to feel sorry for her. She knew what was going to happen long before the future told her it would. She knew her fate, like everyone else’s, would be death, and she loved that too!


Judy, The Queen of Absurd by @Seijun_Suzuki

It was a lazy Wednesday afternoon over the bubblegum fields. It was a little bit earlier, a little bit later; like all the other days, nothing significant happened. Everyone was joking around, fooling around.

Judy was cool with her pixel sunglasses. But the stillness was growing everywhere, repeating the shallow echoes of dullness. It has been a while Judy had a smile. Her wounds and the mouse-trap on her arm were stitching, so does her existence. The pink hues of the morning did not matter anymore, so does the glowing sun. An infectious void was growing inside of her like a Christmas tree. Her feelings were numb.

It was a little bit earlier, a little bit later; Judy hears a sound under the rosy tree. A god-like sound filling everywhere from the sky: “Hey Judy, you are going to win this.” “Win what?” she replied with a cynic voice in a lazy nihilistic manner. “The story contest” the voice roared. “There is a story contest for HappyLand Gummy Bears. Your story is going to win hearts, you are going to become a hero inspiring everyone.” Judy stared behind her pixel glasses, detached from the world. Even though a curiosity of wonder had stirred instantly, she replied like she could not care less: “Yeah, right. I have an arrow stuck on my head and I would be the hero.” Sarcasm was dancing with the wind as afternoon slightly turning towards the magic hour of evening.

The voice rumbled “You do not understand. You do not only live in the bubblegum fields of HappyLand, you now also live in that story: The queen of absurd.” Judy liked that; the queen of absurd, that’s probably me she thought and asked ironically: “So I also exist in another narrative, like a parallel universe?”

The voice replied back “Exactly! You cannot underestimate the power of stories. And also you cannot underestimate the power of absurd”. For the first time Judy felt her foolish existence means something. Her veins flickered with hope but her voice seems overly confused: “So what do I do heroic in that story” she asked. As the gentle winds gets tattooed over the fields, the voice replied casually “Nothing. You just being you. Just being yourself.” “But between you and me”, the voice whispered: “The jury of the contest loved you and your story. They are smiling warmly as you and I doing this talk right now. So pull yourself together and get ready!”

The voice has gone but Judy was feeling confident more than ever. She walked through the fields on that lush evening. Joined the crowd filled with joy and laughters. Why are you so happy today, a bear asked to Judy. She giggled and replied: “I dunno, a voice told me that I am going to win the contest… Probably nothing”. She gave a quick big smile that can melt the hearts, under her pixel glasses. The queen of absurd.


Party Gummy by @tnsmestizo

Party Gummy had one too many hits of…well, whatever the gummies do these days. He was heading to a party with a few of his HappyLand Gummy Bears buddies but was the only one who went the extra mile. On the way to the party, he started to feel it. His eyes were the widest they can open, but his pupils shrank to mere specs in his corneas. He started to feel his skin become sensitive. The lightest touch felt like a tickle that brought on the most comfortable, massage-like shiver throughout his body. The EDM music playing on the radio flowed through him. His body swayed with each bass kick and his hand pumped with each synthesized rhythmic beat. His buddies began to worry. Luckily, his peak was short lived. He exited his ride mellowed and ready to party. Little did he know, this party wasn’t a typical house party. The party was basically a backyard concert. A band from the town over, probably the most popular band in the county, was playing and were known to be wild. Party Gummy was still feeling “it.” His body temperature was elevated which was making him sweat profusely and he felt the high creeping back up. The music hasn’t even started yet. The backyard went dark and a voice from the stage projected over the muttering of the crowd. “If you have a heart condition, you should leave now,” the voice said. “I’m cool,” thought Party Gummy as the crowd gathered around him. The music started. First the rapid booming of the double bass drums paired with the cracking of the snare prompted neck twitching and eye blinking. The drums slowed only slightly as the guitar kicked in. He closed his eyes to allow the music to flow through him. He still felt a slither of the euphoric state he felt on the car ride over and he wanted to preserve as much of that as he can. He lit a cigarette to shoot up his buzz. He took only two puffs before a sudden bump to his back knocked his cigarette out of his hand. He turned around and it looked like a brawl was going down. It was different though. There were no intended targets, just random movements. Suddenly, another bump to his back thrust him into the brawl. As he was falling forward, we looked back and saw Pirate Gummy (#8061) standing, smiling at him. He ended up falling in the middle of the pit. A random mosher picked him up. “Just push and shove” the mosher screamed as he ushered Party Gummy into the mix. Party Gummy fell in love. The night would end, and he’d get home safe, but he would go on to attend many more rock shows and round plenty of mosh pits. His scraps and bruises are mementos of his rock days.


Rob the Wild from Pearl Den by @LoreLordNFT

Rob loved music, everything from classical to heavy metal. He could tell you the name of any album and lyrics to any song. He loved jamming out with his Sunburst guitar and his halfstack. The only thing he loved more than playing, was going to concerts.

He loved everything about them. The loud music, the mosh pits, the feeling of rail crushing his jelly belly as he headbanged at the front of the crowd. One of his favorite bands was Pearl Jam. During one of their concerts he made it to the front of the stage and decided to try something new.

He climbed over the rail, got past security, and made it to the stage! Eddie Veddar immediately stopped the show and asked him if he could play any of the songs. Rob, being a master of music, said he knew all of them. Eddie handed Rob the guitar and they started playing “Go.” From the first strum it was like magic, the energy flowed through his body, muscle memory kicked in, note for note he killed the whole solo. For three minutes and seventeen seconds, Rob The Wild was a god!

And right when the last drum kick hit the skin to close out the song, Rob The Wild put down the guitar and jumped into the crowd! He left with a black eye that would last him a week, and a memory that would last a lifetime.


Polari, The NFT Bandit Bear

[INCOMING TRANSMISSION][Speaking with a French accent]“Hello, my name is Polari Barre. I am sending this message to you because uh…

I need your help!

I’m trapped in this immutable database; it shouldn’t have ended up like this…

I was caught on my latest NFT heist by the damn INPs.

Ya see, I am the notorious NFT thief, Bandit Bear, from the frozen tundra on the third moon to Pluto, a part of the Charon Six.

It’s cold out here… I tend to like it… and, while I may be trapped in the very thing that I so desperately sought, I still find hope in the solace of my unfortunate circumstances.

The Intergalactic NFT Police caught me while I was trying to steal the latest mint from the Lazy Linguine Space Disco Dolls. Those Disco Dolls meant everything to me, but the damn INPs took them from me! Took my beautiful Lazy Linguine Space Disco Dolls!!

As punishment for my crime, I was sentenced to be turned into an NFT myself. THE IRONY!

This is my fate, deservedly so or not.

The kicker to this entire circumstance is if my floor price gets above at least 5 ETH, I may just be able to harness enough energy on the blockchain to set myself free.

Will you help me?”



Hi! How are you? Table for 2 by @oli4blok

I could see in his eye, he’d said it automatically and was regretting it with every awkward fiber in his body that immediately jerked in a spasm in a belated effort to take back that moment. The side of his tight smiling lip began to quiver in tense worry and anticipation. Had I heard? Would I react or would it be one of those moments he would cringe over for the rest of his evening or possibly even week, but would ultimately leave him feel elated that he’d some how dodged the perilous social interaction that was to come from enquiring into someone’s else’s well being, who you didn’t know and in the most embarrassing of circumstances.

Well, actually…I’m not great. Yeah, yeah I know from the outside everything looks fine and dandy, that’s the worst of it. You think this bear’s got it made – look, a bow-tie! That’s classy, no one who’s wearing a bow tie could be messed up, you know how hard those are to tie. Well, it’s a clip-on. Yep, and that’s just the start of it. Look into these eyes. Look deep, deep inside. What do you see? Nothing. Exactly, just black cold pits of empty suffering and sorrow, the kind of darkness you’d find inside a person who’s been kicked to the ground again and again by life and every time they get up they just get kicked in the metaphorical nuts again by the cruel dog bitch who messed up his plans to be an international mime sensation. I was going to have it all – Vegas shows, my name in lights… I’d perfected the pulling a rope, getting out of a box – all the crowd-pleasers…and then fate had to intercede. What happened you might ask, for I seem so rosy-cheeked and cheerful. Years of working in the service industry have solidified this expression, this gormless look of contentment and the cheeks? Booze. BOOZE! I spent years on the street, drinking anything I could. It started off innocently enough – a honey pale ale here, a honey spiced rum there and before you know it I was performing at a medieval times restaurant for mead. Oh the horror, the horror… the things they made me do. Sob, they made me dance. Dance like the desperate disgusting fool I was. I did what they wanted. I danced my cute butt to bardcore- but not the good kind, the bad ones like Taylor Swift’s Willow and Somebody That I Used To Know. Ohhh God can I ever be forgiven for what I’ve done. sniff But, I’m sorry I digress. Welcome to the Steve Mart-Inn, restaurant bar and grill for the mostly dead, undead and the dead inside, please follow me to be seated.


Bloodbear “So Jelly” by @Cam_Temple

My name is Bloodbear. I am a simple bear and strive to live a basic life. Not an easy life though. I find my solace in the destruction of the enemy. Every day I sit atop the trees of the bloodforrest and stalk the predators. I feed off the sap of the trees and of the would-be gummy bear eaters themselves. “From Jellyblood we rise, and to Jellyblood we shall dissolve.” This is a the way of life for a bloodbear. Other bears might find comfort in living in comfort; but for us we enjoy living in defense of life. This keeps us honest to ourselves and prevents us from taking anything for granite. So to the the other dens that might think their way of life is above us, We are not jealous, “WE ARE JELLY.” Regardless of what den you hail from, know that if you are in trouble we will do our best to protect you. We love our den-brothers but we have love for every single HappyLand Gummy Bear there is. <3 We hope you can say the same.

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