Winning Stories 9/24


We’re getting closer to the end of the competition, which is why we’re decreasing the number of tonight’s winners from 5 to 4! This is similar to when you want to eat a cake the slowest… way… possible.

We hope you like tonight’s stories. You writers always manage to impress us, we’d love to see who makes the final!

Love, Scary Kid, K-Money, Puglord, Smolwhale.

Gummavinci Gumcasso the Painter by @VaporOpinion

Gummavinci was born without vocal cords so never had the ability to speak. One day his parents were tired of trying to guess what he had done for the day so they gifted him some paintbrushes they’d purchased at a Gum-Market thinking they might be a great way to allow Gummavinci to express himself more freely.

The following day, Gummavinci nearly broke down the door to get inside and was trying to explain that he’d seen a house on fire and was trying to get help. His parents didn’t understand so they smiled and said, why don’t you paint us a picture!? Gummavinci took the paintbrush and canvas and quickly painted a house on fire and two gummies running out melting. The parents were quite disturbed by the painting, then Gummavinci pointed to the door and kept making gestures for them to follow him. No sooner than they made it to the house, there were two gummies running out melting JUST as he painted it.

This happened several more times with different incidents where random calamities/catastrophes were taking place, except the other occurrences seemed to only begin AFTER the paintings were done. Something felt… off. Gummavinci decided he would paint the Gummy that made fun of him when he was younger being impaled on stake with it going up his ass and coming through his head. Surely there was no way for that to just happen on it’s own. The next morning, there was news that the bullying gummy had fell out of a tree and landed on a random log that went up his butt and came through his head exactly as painted.

Realizing that he could make things happen with a mere gesture of a painting, Gummavinci now extorts Gummies he doesn’t like and charges them a monthly fee for him NOT to paint their deaths.

Binky Bear’s Journey by @DontFragment

Binky Bear left his Happyland cave at dawn. He trekked out of Happyland into the Fantastic Forrest.

Binky took a wrong turn in the Fantastic Forrest and found himself headed down a dark path…

Three evil Fud Fairies appeared. They jeered:



“You’ll never make it!”

“Oh yeah?” Binky replied, “we’ll just see about that!” Binky then brought out his diamond hands.

The Fud Fairies attacked.

Two of them got crushed with Binky untouched.

The third one, though, struck Binky a terrific blow. Her enchanted lollipop struck Binky so hard is breached his skull and stayed there, stuck.

While the Fud Fairy tried to pull her weapon free, Binky smashed her to dust between his strong hands.

The Fantastic Forrest suddenly became sunny.

Binky Bear donned his stunna shades, felt the lolli sticking out of his head, and said, “Sweet.”

Binky walked on: He had a date with a rocketship.

Double Trouble Bubble Bear, “The Hard Softy” by @Cam_Temple

My story begins with the tragic loss of both of my legs. I was just like any other bubblegum bear. Life-loving and spending my days roaming the low bubblegum fields that we all love. I was venturing a bit more towards the coast, just looking for a little adventure. as I was scaling down the cliff to get to the shore there was a shift in the boulders and both of my legs were wedged between rocks. I wriggled and writhed but to no avail, I was stuck and surely doomed. What kept crossing my mind is that I would never get to see my family again. I would never get to roam through the fields I loved so much. My brain went into survival mode and I realized what must be done. I withdrew some of my double bubble, I always have some handy, and began chewing. I also took out my HappyLand sharpy poke and made the hardest decision of my life. I blew a gigantic bubble, and as it hovered above my head, I used the sharpy poke to cut through BOTH of my gummy legs. as I floated up looking back at the legs I left stuck in the cliffs I was thankful. I fly everywhere by bubble mostly anyways. Giving up my legs to be able to live with my loved ones in my one true home in bubblegum fields was such an easy choice. I regret nothing and everything has returned to normal. Now I just spend my days floating around over the fields looking down, rather than roaming through them, and you know what ? I rather enjoy the view from up here.

Stone The Lonely Bear by @Krakalakasss

There once was a grey bear called Stone, Who was quiet and always alone, He had two great big teeth, And boy he could eat, He once ate eighty fish on his own.

Young stone was an unsightly bear, He had the most frightening glare, When cubs were about, They’d all scream and shout, “There’s Stone, let’s all hide, please beware!”

But Stone didn’t want to be scary, In fact he was quite the contrary, He loved shiny things, Had golden ear rings And went for a wash on the daily.

Alas everyone looked at his eye, He’d lost it, a year in July, He’d tried to get honey, And thought it’d be funny, To mess with and anger the hive.

He ran from the bees or did try, But they caught him, he thought he would die, They stung quite a lot, Looking he was not, He impaled himself on a branch in the eye.

One day though he plucked up the guts, To go talk to the other young mutts, They roared out with glee, He could finally see, That everyone else was totally nuts.

Stone became the most popular bear, He was loving and constantly there, If you needed a friend, He would never pretend, He would talk to you and genuinely care.

That’s where we will leave our young Stone, His heart has most certainly grown, He’s now happy not sad, He’s acquired a hat, And if you need him just pick up the phone.

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