Winning Stories 9/23


Day 8 of stories is here! As we prepare for a wild Sunday, we’re shortening the amount of stories to publish every day. Today’s stories are amongst some of our highest rated ones yet. We have Day 1 winner @KangJin895 making a comeback with another winning story, and Day 3 winner @QueenARNFT with a strong claim for the crown!

With 3 days left of competition, who do you think are a shoe-in for the final prize?

Love, Scary Kid, K-Money, Puglord, Smolwhale.

Eddy, the New Gummy Dad by @mat_scuba

Despite his diamond exterior, Eddy is cracking on the inside. He and his partner just had a baby gummy bear – a first in the Diamond Flats in years!

However, joy and excitement have quickly been replaced by fear, worry and exhaustion. Days are long yet short and filled with endless gum drops and sugar bottles.

He often wonders whether he will fail as a father and lose himself in the process. It eats at his sugary insides like a ravenous kid the day after Halloween. But on one of the many late nights, he looked down at his mini gummy bear and just like that all of the fear seemingly melted away. He never shined brighter in his life that night.

Eddy doesn’t know what lies ahead, but he knows it will be OK. He’s a Diamond Bear after all.

Rocco, from Devil to Extraordinary by @Basic_Still1

Rocco’s parents had always dreamed that their cub would be born as perfect as themselves: shiny, green, sweet and unmarked. But Rocco’s introduction to Happyland was not a happy one at all. After coming to the realization that Rocco had Heterochromia, the couple couldn’t bear to keep him.

Little Rocco was abandoned, left to fend for himself in the wild.

The devil Rocco.

Angry, and resentful, Rocco grew up believing he was bad inside out. Why else would his family not want him? He hated everything and everyone, mostly though, he despised his mismatched eyes. His days were spent destroying all he came in contact with. He stole, he burned, he inflicted pain.

One evening as he was perched behind a tree ready to shoot his arrow, he noticed his approaching target is unlike his usual victims for she was not perfectly polished – she had a blood-stained shackle around her paw.

The rattling from her trapped limb caused him to hesitate. As she limped through the forest, picking berries while smiling to herself, he wondered how someone so marked could seem so carefree, so content.

Whilst lost in his confusion, Rocco forgot about the bow and arrow in his hands and before he could stop himself, the objects clattered to the ground. The shackled bear turned with a gasp, looking straight into the offending eyes.

Rocco braced himself, waiting for her horrified screams. To his surprise though, it wasn’t fear he saw in her soft face, rather something he didn’t quite understand. A smile spread across her profile as she limped closer.

This bear wasn’t afraid of him at all, she was intrigued.

The Extraordinary Rocco

After speaking with his new friend from the forest, Rocco decided to accompany her to her den where he was welcomed by the den bears. Afterall he was lonely and was curious to learn about how the other bears lived.

He was very conflicted with his emotions as he entered the den. He had been shunned from the moment he was born, but Rocco was greatly surprised when the bears were very accepting of his defect. They spoke of how they all bear their own scars and marks proudly and that it was nothing to be ashamed of, but in fact, could only make them stronger. Over time Rocco learned that his condition was not a flaw at all but something so uniquely beautiful. He was given a pair of glasses that matched his eyes perfectly, which he wore proudly.

He was nothing like the devil he once believed himself to be.

Rocco felt a safe attachment to his newly found family. He helped them with hunting and gathering food. He learned to love himself and those around him. He learned to care for Happyland and to protect, heal and mend the damages he had once inflicted.

Steven, a bearish existence by @KangJin895

It is a familiar story as old as time. Our bear had it all, a wife, some little cubs, a cozy den to call his own and a 9 – 5 job that he doesn’t entirely hate. Then one faithful day, he lost it all. A year prior to the events of that day, he had been talking to his friend Barry Bear by the watercooler about something called cryptocurrency or as Barry had put it “magical internet monopoly money”. Barry’s friend Dave had invested in a dog meme coin and was now driving around town in a shiny new Lambo. Steven was floored, while he didn’t desire the flashy cars or high-flying lifestyle, he really could use a bigger den, now that his little cubs were getting older. What followed was a full-blown obsession that threatened his marriage and home life, Steven would get wind of a new coin/token and immediately jumping all in, tragically this led to a lot of “buying high and selling low”. But he knew he was on to something; he could feel it. He would stay up all night analyzing charts and figures, obsessing over patterns that no one else could see. He wouldn’t leave the den for days, ultimately causing him to lose his job at the gunmetal factory. But he didn’t care he was in too deep now. After months of grinding, he had amassed a sizable fortune for a bear from his background. Which was a good thing too as his wife had not been impressed with how much time and money this “hobby” had cost them. As a reward he had taken the weekend off, leaving his den in the city for the family summer cave in the blood woods. Like any good bear all his crypto profits were safely stored on a hardware wallet which travelled everywhere with him. Then it happened, that which every trader fears most, he lost all his fortune in a targeted fishing attack. As he held his head in his hand’s he sobbed to himself over his foolishness and the series of poor choices that lead him to this moment. He never should have left his den in the city, or come to the blood woods, and he certainly shouldn’t have gone fishing this morning. But then again who would have expected a blood shark to be roaming in these peaceful waters, and further still who would have expected that they not only had a taste for gummy bears, but also hardware wallets. Still recovering from his wounds and determined not to let his family down, he hatched a new plan to rebuild his fortunes. He couldn’t afford to wait the months it had taken to amass his previous wealth. So, he took a gamble, using the last of his money he went all in on something called NFTs, which he had heard recently made Dave a billionaire overnight. A cool smirk broke out across Steven’s face, he was down on his luck for sure, but all that was about to change. The question was, how exactly does a bear make money with a truck load of Non-Flushable-Toilets?

Lookie Lou’s Loved One by @QueenARNFT

Lookie Lou Louis wasn’t happy. He had done a thing that he wasn’t sure he would ever be able to recover from. Nonny the Wummy had been with Lookie Lou for his entire adult life. He remembered getting her when she was just a small gummy strip that could fit easily into his hand. He never understood how to care for her because he hadn’t had any good examples of how to be loving and caring. His own mama and papa bear weren’t loving gummies and he was still so young that he hadn’t realized the magnitude of the damage that had caused him. So one day, when he was walking in the candy aisle, he saw someone giving away a bunch of Wummy Gurm babies. When he came to the person holding them, she reached out to hand one to him, but he chose the quiet one in the back, the runt of the bunch. The day he got her was the annual festival of Great Gummydom, and he had already made plans. The unexpected addition of a baby wummy couldn’t deter him, so he set out some food, and went to the festival with his girlfriend. The night was weird. A gummy bear fell and broke their leg during the festival. Looking back it would have been better to stay with Nonny that first night, instead of going to some festival, but Lookie Lou couldn’t see it at the time.

Nonny was mischevious. She liked to crawl into little holes, and chose to spend her time chewing through the candy cords that kept the lights on in Lookie Lou’s small, humble studio part of the bear den. Lookie Lou didn’t know what to do. He was worried that she would chew through a cord and hurt herself while he was sleeping, so he started putting her in the bathroom to sleep. Nonny hated it and cried all night, but Lookie Lou didn’t know what else to do and didn’t have any guidance, or support. Years went by, and Nonny began to act out. She fought other wummys and frequently bit and scratched. Lookie Lou was surprised that the quiet little wummy he had chosen would behave this way, but he chalked it up to her personality.

One day, Lookie Lou heard of a new adventure in a new land and a new opportunity that he could only dream of. When the time came to go, he chose, unwisely, to leave Wummy with his papa bear and set out on his journey. For years, Nonny lived with Lookie Lou’s papa bear, until the time came when he had to go home. The time spent at home was as awful as his childhood had been. He was abused again, and ostracized, and pushed out. When the time came for him to leave, he took his wummy with him as he resolved to travel far and wide. He had his precious wummy registered and embarked on a journey. But Lookie Lou wasn’t well. He was battling internal fruit flies that had crawled into spaces that held wounds from his papa bear, and rotted him from the inside. The fruit flies impacted his decision making as he tried to battle them any way he knew how. After a 7 day fast where Lookie Lou hadn’t eaten or drank for a week, the fruit flies convinced him to leave his wummy behind in the wilderness. The day he did it was the day before Family Bear day, and the way he did it was callous.

“We’ve had some time.” He said to the resigned wummy who had just realized what was happening and curled up into a ball. And then he was gone.

His dreams haunted him. The guilt ate away at him. He wasn’t sure what had happened to Wummy, and he hoped for the best but expected the worst. He missed her and wished that he hadn’t left her with her papa bear to begin with for all those years. When he broke up with his ex girlfriend, she had taken the other wummy back to live with his mama bear, and was still there soundly now. If only that could be the case for his Wummy now. Every day, he forgives himself for the thing he did that haunts him to this day.

Delinquent David by @S_Quiche12

The third-period bell pierced the still, quiet air of Maltodextrin Middle School’s hallways, and a swarm of gummy bear students burst out of the classroom doorways, filling the corridors nearly instantly. Principal Pearl Bear looked on sternly from the end of the hallway. The students’ blasé sentiments towards education were the least of her concerns, unfortunately. The last couple of weeks she had heard through the grapevine that several her gummy bear students were using school recess hours to deal and use marijuana. If it was the last thing she did, she would track down these delinquent bears and deliver them swift justice. The end of third period was the most fruitful time for her reconnaissance since the most socialization happened then; school-wide lunch followed by a 30-minute recess in the schoolyard provided the most stressful and chaotic time of her day. Anything could happen during this time, and it was up to Principal Pearl to be as diligent as possible during this hour so she could pick up any clues to who might be the delinquent bears. … Bubblegum Billy peered over Hyacinth Harry’s shoulder at the open comic book on the picnic table. He loved recess even more lately now that Harry had been bringing these to school. They had spent the past couple months at recess pouring over the pages, ingesting the stories, and discussing the characters. He paid no mind to the “cool” bears who played tag, sports, or talked to girls at recess. “Hey, losers!” an approaching voice hollered. “What are you guys up to?!” “Nothing” Billy and Harry groaned in unison. They looked up to see David’s green sugary figure approaching. His fiery head made him one of the most popular kids in school. “Doesn’t look like nothing to me” he replied as he leaned intimidatingly over them and their comics, his shadow making reading impossible. “I never see you guys talk to any girls or do anything cool. What gives?” Billy and Harry didn’t answer. They didn’t know how. “Well, do you losers want to try something fun? You can maybe hang out with the cool kids…” David reached into his pocket and pulled out a tightly wrapped marijuana joint. Billy and Harry gasped. They had never seen marijuana before. They immediately screamed. “Help!!! Principal Pearl!!!” She bolted over. “Finally, I got you!” she declared as she grabbed David by the arm. “Good job, Billy and Harry. You are good undercover agents.” She patted them on the back. “You’re coming with me, mister. Detention will be the least of your worries.” … The next day everyone laughed and pointed as the once-popular David moped, head down, through the hallways he once ruled. His punishment: a bear trap on his leg for the rest of 8th grade. His bloodied paw left drops of blood in the hallway as he scurried to first period. Pearl stood smiling at her end-of-the-hallway perch. Order had been restored she thought to herself with a grin.

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