Super Bowl, Tom Brady, and Crypto


Seven time Super Bowl champion, Tom Brady, is bullish on cryptocurrency.  

It was presumed by many people that the quarterback was an investor after he added laser eyes to his Twitter picture. The laser eyes on crypto enthusiasts is a running meme from January for people who believe that Bitcoin will reach $100,000 this year.

After a lot of speculation, Tom Brady finally came out to say he has been loading up on cryptocurrency in a recent interview with the CEO of FTX exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried.

Brady explained that he does indeed own crypto and believes that crypto is “here to stay.” He says that he has many conversations with one of his coaches, pretty much daily.

In the interview, Brady didn’t specify which exact coins he is invested in, but he did talk about coins plural, rather than just referring to Bitcoin. It’s no secret that Tom Brady has a huge following both in the United States and worldwide due to his legacy in the NFL.

Crypto is becoming popular among the NFL even apart from the greatest quarterback of all time confirming his love for it. Number one draft pick, Trevor Lawrence, has partnered with Blockfolio as an ambassador.

Carolina Panthers player, Russell Okung, has become the first player in NFL history to receive part of his salary in Bitcoin. Okung has a 13 million dollar salary which half will be paid in crypto.

It seems obvious that the more cryptocurrency grows within the NFL space, the more players may opt for being paid in crypto.

It also seems obvious to mention the importance of these players advocating for crypto since football is the number one most spectated sport in the U.S.

NFT Craze

Much like many professional athletes, Tom Brady has joined the NFT both by producing NFTs, and creating a platform for NFTs called Autograph.

Autograph aims to be the future NFT hub for sports related NFTs. After Tom Brady announced that he was co-founding Autograph, other NFL stars such as Eli Manning and Peyton Manning announced that they were coming out with their own NFT collection.

Check out our guide to NFT’s here.

Brady has explained how important trading cards were to him growing up and how this new era of technology will help create a personal connection with fans since they can sell directly through the marketplace to fans worldwide. Tom Brady is the biggest athlete to pledge his allegiance to NFTs and it is projected that many athletes will follow suit.

Getting Ahead of the Game

As the new NFL season approaches in the fall, there will be a lot of football fans following in these star’s footsteps.

As seen in commercials at the 2021 NFL draft, many crypto commercials came on throughout the draft including a Blockfolio commercial with Trevor Lawrence. The 2021/2022 season is projected to feature many more crypto related advertisements as the space becomes more saturated with stars.

Virtual trading cards made possible through NFTs are going to be next year’s hype and many investors and influencers suggest getting in on a new crypto asset before the hype follows.

Ethereum is going to be a hot buy this summer as it has many updates to the network on the horizon, as well as the NFT craze. Since NFTs are on the Ethereum blockchain, consider signing up for our same-day Cryptospace account registration and buy some ETH before the NFT wave hits the market like a tsunami.

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