Crypto Adoption At Mainstream Companies Continues


The world is moving at breakneck speed, and Blockchain technology is responsible for some of it. What began as the idea of “Satoshi Nakamoto” today is a global topic of conversation.

Blockchain, and crypto alike, are mainstream. Companies who don’t get on the van risk missing out.

Let’s go over some of the companies who are adopting Blockchain and crypto technology and how they impact the global scene.

Microsoft Wants In

Ignoring Facebook’s failure with Libra, the cryptocurrency they tried to insert into the market with the support of 100+ companies, Big Tech has remained silent in blockchain projects. Until now.

Microsoft released a research paper this week aimed at finding ways to solve one of Windows’ and Office suite’s biggest problems: piracy.

The Redmond-based giant collaborated with Carnegie Mellon University and Alibaba to create a solution on the Ethereum network to report piracy breaches.

Argus, as the system is called, works with a “proof of leakage” watermark algorithm. Where each report of leaked content involves an information-hiding procedure. This way just one person can report a leak.

One of the biggest tech companies in the world is trying to solve one of its most pressing issues with Blockchain? That’s more like it.

Walmart Is Looking For a Crypto Lead

Retail giant Walmart listed a new job listing for a “Digital Currency and Cryptocurrency Product Lead” with 10 years of experience in product management for their headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. The profile they look for is a crypto-savvy individual who knows people in the scene.

This listing is not a surprise. Walmart created a fintech venture called Hazel this year that could include some crypto and blockchain-related features for their “super app”

.As tech and retail giants try to get into crypto, the market might feel a breath of fresh air from it. Not so long ago Amazon reportedly wanted to accept payments in Bitcoin in the near future. Some analysts say that rumour started the bull run we’re experiencing today.

Forget About ‘Netflix And Chill’, From Now On, It’s ‘AMC and BTC’

Finally, we have AMC who is in plans to accept payments in BTC starting early next year. The world’s biggest movie theater chain went through a rough 2020, almost filing for bankruptcy, but are now thriving (thanks in part to the WallStreetBets movement).

In their newest quarterly report, AMC’s CEO, Adam Aron, announced they wanted to get into crypto as soon as possible. BTC payments are on the plans for next year, and more moves are on the way.

“We are also in the preliminary stage of now exploring how else AMC can participate in this new burgeoning cryptocurrency universe and we’re quite intrigued by potentially lucrative business opportunities for AMC if we intelligently pursue further serious involvement with cryptocurrency.”, the CEO concluded.

The Bottom Line

Microsoft, AMC and Walmart getting in goes to show that as crypto inserts itself in people’s lives, companies will try to get advantage from it too.This is just the tip of the iceberg. Companies all around the world are trying to tap into the mine that blockchain is. We’ll see how it keeps evolving and keep you updated with the latest news on our LinkedIn Page.

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