Blockchain is Taking Sports By Storm


If there’s something Crypto (and Blockchain) have been able to get these past few years is mainstream recognition. Everyone knows or have heard about Bitcoin, Doge, NFTs, Ethereum, etc.

This becomes more obvious once sports brands and personalities get in the game. Not so long ago we reported that Tom Brady was bullish on crypto, and even launched his own NFT marketplace with some other stars.

That’s not the only crossover between sports and crypto, though.

Mining equipment maker Antpool struck a deal with NBA side Houston Rockets in 2018 as one part of the investment in the state of Texas.

In the same year, crypto gambling website Cashbet started to sponsor English soccer club Arsenal FC to promote their own cryptocurrency (Cashbet Coin) to be used on the platform.

Some F1 teams have a crypto sponsor under their belt. McLaren is sponsored by the cryptocurrency Tezos, who also sponsors MLB team New York Mets.

Lastly, have struck deals with a plethora of sports teams ranging from global behemoths like Spanish soccer team FC Barcelona, competitions such as the UFC or Davis Cup, and Esports teams. helps these teams launch into crypto with the teams’ own tokens.

For new industries such as Blockchain, it’s crucial to get on the good side of the public. A good social standing helps bring institutional investors to otherwise fringe markets.

There’s still time for institutional investors to buy the dip and follow the analysts’ advice. Minor setbacks lead to major comebacks. Contact to get your OTC account set up and start trading!

Blockchain is Taking Sports By Storm

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