Announcing the HappyLand Gummy Bears <> Cryptospace Partnership


History in the making.

Today, we are announcing HappyLand Gummy Bears as our first official partner. We’ve been working with them for some time now, and from day 1 we felt like we were speaking the same language.

After working together to organize the Gummy Bear Writing Competition, we both knew working together was the best path ahead.

World’s First Crypto Exchange <> NFT Project Partnership

This is the first time a Cryptocurrency exchange and an NFT project are partners. Even though a partnership between an exchange and an NFT project hasn’t been tested yet, our company’s soul as sympathetic innovators has led us to this road. We will be working closely in a plethora of initiatives to push ourselves forward. One bear at a time.

Right now, our Gummy Bear collection sits at 201 HappyLand Gummy Bears, 2 HappyLand Bears ‘Built Different’, and 1 HappyLand Wummy Gurm. We love the community and the fact that in the time we’ve been there, we feel like we are home.

Benefits for HappyLand Gummy Bear Holders

We want the world to know that being part of this community is not just another hobby, or just another pump and dump. HappyLand Gummy Bears will be one of the first NFTs with actual Real-life value.

We will continuously be updating and adding more benefits for Bear holders.

Why HappyLand Gummy Bears?

As we pointed out in the beginning, we felt really good chemistry between both parties from the get-go. We are also really proud of the constant donations they make to charities that the community choose.

The community, more than feeling like just people gathered to make money, feels like a family. They also have a solid roadmap that their 8000+ members back. The project creators are transparent, and human. They don’t shy away from debates.

Also, the meaning behind the bears go beyond some bruised gummies. They give the message that no matter what life throws at you and leaves you with scars, you will stand up and face the next challenge.

As a company, we feel these are the partnerships we should have.

To not just make the NFT industry more human.

Or the blockchain industry more human.

But to make the world more human.

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